is a web development studio based in
Chennai, India, providing Rich Internet Applications,
Color Solutions, Color Physics Software Systems, Electronic Commerce and top notch web development solutions
 We work CLOSELY with the client, gathering data AND
 data about data.
 We Deliver products the first time, not after revisions;
 So we PLAN! Get Prototype!
 Get Prototype to work; avoid burnout!
 We work WITH the Client!
 Testing is involved in all stages,
 from Planning to Delivery.
 Delivery comes with Maintenance; We recommend
 drafting revisions, consolidate!
We are specialized in building complex online Color Physics Software Systems, Web Applications and Tools including Mobile Platform support.
color tools
cloud services
custom software
mobile applications
e-commerce development
web based software development
website maintenance
app maintenance
saas model solutions
database services
schema migration
backup solutions
erp solutions
These Rich Internet Applications are provided with web services of high standards to our clients across the country to speed up their complex operations through web.